Corporate Relocation Services

Corporate relocations require a different aptitude and a different set of skills from what is involved in home relocation. While the latter involve moving of a lot of different furniture, an office usually has a lot of tables and chairs and a lot of air-conditioners that have to be moved around.

Airindia Logistic Packers and Movers have all it takes to move offices. Offices usually have a large number of fire-extinguishers, which are not present when a house is to be moved. These fire-extinguishers need some special attention and care when being handled. They can themselves explode and become a cause of fire if they are not handled well. This is where our staff and expert personnel come into the picture.

Usually offices have a large number of chairs and tables to be moved around. They have sensitive legs that are amenable to damage. Their legs need some special attention, and our staff knows how to give them what each item requires.

There are often a large number of computers and servers that form an inherent part of the office setting. They need to be shifted too, and they should be shifted with care and elegance. They are likely to get damaged. They should be transported in a container that is free from moisture and dust.

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